1980 OE. Discovered 1980 July 17 by E. Bowell at Anderson Mesa.

Named in honor of Neville J. Goodman, a member of the British Astronomical Association since 1944. Professionally, he was commissioning editor for the British scientific publisher Adam Hilger for many years. Goodman's service to astronomy dates from 1952, when he became editor of the B.A.A. Journal, a post he filled with distinction for eight years. From 1962 to 1972 he devoted himself tirelessly to the position of business secretary of the Association. President from 1972 to 1974, he again served as secretary from 1976 to 1984. Goodman has contributed many ephemerides to the B.A.A. Handbook and currently serves as Handbook editor. (M 17223)

Name suggested independently by the discoverer and B. G. Marsden. Citation material provided by S. A. Mitton.

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