1951 OM. Discovered 1951 July 30 by E. L. Johnson at Johannesburg.

Named for Tommy Handley (1894-1949), one of Britain's greatest entertainers of the Second World War. He began his career in variety and concert parties, but from about 1926 he found that his very fast, zany style of spoken humor suited the new medium of radio. Tommy Handley's biggest success was the radio show ITMA ("It's That Man Again"), which was first broadcast in 1939. He introduced many colorful characters and catch-phrases, including Mrs. Mopp, the charlady, with her eternal question - "Can I do you now, sir?" (M 22496)

Name proposed by B. G. Marsden and G. V. and R. Williams, the identifications for this object having been made by C. M. Bardwell.

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