1951 WO2 . Discovered 1951 Nov. 26 by L. E. Cunningham at Mount Wilson.

Named for the monkey-god in the mythology of India. Son of Vayu, Hanuman was gifted with almost unlimited physical strength, powerful virility and total chastity, a combination that made him the perfect worshipper of Rama. After a great victory, Rama gave a necklace of fine pearls to Hanuman, who proceeded to break them apart one after another with his teeth. After inspection Hanuman threw away the pieces. "They do not contain the name of Rama", he declared, "and have no value". Then he tore open his own chest, and on his heart in letters of flame stood out the name of Rama. (M 21605)

Named by the Minor Planet Names Committee following a suggestion by F. Pilcher.

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