1987 HE1. Discovered 1987 Apr. 23 by A. Mrkos at Klet.

Named for a village in southern Bohemia north of Klet Mountain. Holasovice is an exceptionally intact and well-preserved example of traditional Central European village architecture, containing a number of vernacular buildings from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in a style known as the South Bohemian Folk Baroque. Since 1998 Holasovice has been listed on the UNESCO World Heritage roster of cultural and natural sites. (M 34341)

Name proposed by J. Tichay. (6066) Hendricks

1987 SZ3. Discovered 1987 Sept. 26 by E. Bowell at Anderson Mesa.

Named in honor of John Hendricks (1952- ), founder of Discovery Communications, Inc., which owns and operates the Discovery Channel and the Learning Channel. Hendricks is a strong supporter of astronomy through his service on the Lowell Observatory Advisory Board, his sponsorship of astronomical documentaries broadcast on the Discovery Channel and his direct support of various astronomical projects. Hendricks founded the Discovery Channel to fill a void. He believes that to be human is to be curious about the world around us, and he tries to fill that need with informative and educational television programming. (M 26931)

Name suggested and citation prepared by K. X. Kramer.

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