1991 GQ10. Discovered 1991 Apr. 9 by F. Borngen at Tautenburg.

Holstein, the southern part of the German state Schleswig-Holstein {see also planet (6396)}, developed from a county to a dukedom. Well known towns are Kiel, the capital, and Luobeck, one of the leading and most prosperous Hansa cities, with its old city hall, Marien church, Holsten gate and ancient salt lofts. In the church of Moolln is the sepulchre of the famous buffoon and jeerer, Till Eulenspiegel {see also planet (1547)}. Holstein is the birthplace of the composer Carl Maria von Weber {see planet (4152)}, the dramatist Friedrich Hebbel, the writers Heinrich and Thomas

Mann {see planet (4152)} and the physicist Max Planck {see planet (1069)}. (M 25655)

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