1981 VW1. Discovered 1981 Nov. 3 by F. Borngen at Tautenburg.

Named in honor of Johannes Hoppe (1907-1987), appointed professor of astronomy at the University of Jena in 1959. He studied the physical processes involved with the passage of meteors through the Earth's atmosphere, in particular the differentiation relative to height, the real deceleration and mass loss, vaporization and fragmentation, with conclusions concerning the size and consistency of meteoroidal bodies. He is also the author of the monograph PlanetenSterne-Nebel and of the chapter "Planetensystem" in the Grundriss der Astrophysik of Graff-Lambrecht. (M 11642)

Obituaries published in Astron. Raumfahrt, 25. Jahrg., Heft 5, p. 155 (1987); Publ. Astron. Inst. Czech. Acad. Sci., No. 67, p. 139 (1987).

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