1982 RF. Discovered 1982 Sept. 15 by E. Bowell at Anderson Mesa.

Named in honor of Walter F. Huebner (1928- ), for his seminal contributions to small bodies studies in general, and to cometary studies in particular. Over several decades, Huebner has worked on opacities, equations of state and other physical constants relevant to both planetary science and astrophysics. He has served diligently on countless committees and at NASA headquarters, and he has written and edited scientific books and reviews. Huebner has spent the majority of his career at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, the Max-Planck-Institute in Germany, and the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio. Colleagues around the world appreciate his technical talents, his warm personality and his mischievous sense of humor. (M 35488)

Citation written by S. A. Stern at the request of the discoverer.

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