1964 TQ. Discovered 1964 Oct. 14 at the Goethe Link Observatory at Brooklyn, Indiana.

Named in memory of Milton L. Humason (18911972), who provided all the larger redshifts in the Hubble-Humason epoch-making program. Unrivaled in obtaining spectrograms of very faint galaxies, he correctly identified the few available features. Originally a mule skinner who brought up material for the construction of the Mount Wilson Observatory, he rose through the ranks as a janitor, night assistant and telescope user for colleagues. Appointed a regular staff member with only grammar-school education, he was eventually awarded an honorary degree by the University of Lund. (M 8403)

Name proposed by F. K. Edmondson. Citation written by N. U. Mayall.

Obituaries published in Mercury, Vol. 1, No. 5, p. 12

(1972); Phys. Today, Vol. 25, No. 10, p. 59 (1972); Sky Telesc., Vol. 44, p. 87 (1972); Orion, 31. Jahrg., p. 15

(1973); Q.J.R. Astron. Soc., Vol. 14, p. 235-236 (1973).

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