1953 GO. Discovered 1953 Apr. 7 by K. Reinmuth at Heidelberg.

Named in memory of Masaaki Huruhata (1912-1988), director of the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory from 1968 to 1973, known for his work on meteors and variable stars and the photoelectric photometry of the zodiacal light and airglow. One of his early research projects involved the light variation of (433) Eros in 1930-1931. He served as president of IAU Commission 21 (1967-1970), vice president of the Astronomical Society of Japan (1961-1963) and a member of the Science Council of Japan (1969-1972). Following his retirement he carried out photographic observations of variable stars at his home and served as an advisor to amateur astronomers in the Variable Star Observers League in Japan. (M 15261)

Name proposed by S. Nakano, who found the identifications involving this minor planet, following a suggestion by Y. Kushida, M. Inoue and O. Muramatsu. Citation prepared by S. Sakuma.

Obituaries published in Variable Star Bull., No. 9, p. 36 (1989); IAU Colloquium No. 126, p. xxv-xxvi (1991).

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