Discovered 1894 Mar. 1 by M. F. Wolf at Heidelberg.

Named for a figure in Finnish mythology which symbolizes the daughter of the Air, who brought forth the Earth, Sky, Sun, Moon and Stars. (AN 130, 159 (1892))

Named by A. Kruöger, editor of the Astronomische Nachrichten.

Kruger stated: "In Bezug auf (330) wünscht der Entdecker, dass ich den Namen vorschlagen solle." This planet, however, was identified as (298) Baptistina. The planet, also discovered by M. F. Wolf, which eventually became (330) was named "Adalberta". The name "Ilmatar" was transferred to (385). Kruger (1832-1896) spent several years in Finland, having gone to Helsingfors in 1862, hence the choice of the name. Earlier he had been assistant to Argelander {see planet (1551)} in Bonn. In 1876 he went to Gotha {see planet

(1346)}. He determined a number of stellar parallaxes and in 1893 published a catalogue of over 2,000 red stars. (H 42). See also the remarks to (330).

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