1993 GG. Discovered 1993 Apr. 15 by C. S. Shoemaker and E. M. Shoemaker at Palomar.

Named in honor of Inge Lehmann (1888-1993), Danish seismologist and a pioneer in the field when the science of seismology was still young and unexplored. She made fundamental contributions to the study of geophysics and was the first chief of the seismology department of the newly established Royal Danish Geodetic Institute. Her most important contribution suggested a new discontinuity in the seismic structure of the earth, now known as the Lehmann discontinuity, a region that divides the core into inner and outer parts. In later years, Lehmann became an authority on the structure of the upper mantle. (M 29670; M 29691)

Obituary published in Q.J.R. Astron. Soc., Vol. 35, No. 2, p. 231-234 (1994).

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