Discovered 1851 May 19 by J. R. Hind at London.

Named for one of the Hours, personification of peace, daughter of Jupiter and Themis {see planet (24)}. The others are Eunomia and Dike {see planets (15) and (99)}. They were represented as opening the gates of heaven and of Olympus. The discoverer states in AN 32, 277 (1851): "You will readily discover that this name, properly Eirene (peace), has some relation to this event (the Great Industrial Exhibition) which is now filling our Metropolis with the talent of art and science, in which all mankind must feel an interest." (H 3)

Named by J. Herschel. The symbol used for Irene in ancient times was a dove carrying an olive branch and having a star on its head. Some-


times an alternative sign, representing an olive branch, a flag of truce and a star, was in use.

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