1996 HR. Discovered 1996 Apr. 18 by P. Pravec and L. Sarounova at Ondrejov.

Named in memory of Jan Fric (1863-1897) and Josef Fric (1861-1945), the two brothers who founded the Ondrejov Observatory. On 1898 Jan 21, one year after Jan's sudden death, Josef started to bring to fruition their shared idea of establishing an astronomical institution. He purchased the land, and he adopted Jan's name as his own second name. The observatory grew extensively during the twentieth century and became internationally renowned. It was at OndSrejov that Josef Jan Fric, together with Frantisek Nusl {see planet (3424)}, discovered an anomalous refraction effect and developed astrogeodetic instruments, such as the well-known Nusl-Fric circumzenithal, for the determination of geographical coordinates. (M 31027)

Name proposed by M. Kopecky, astronomer and archivist of the Ondrejov Observatory.

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