Jean Loup

1990 SA1. Discovered 1990 Sept. 16 by H. E. Holt at Palomar.

Named in honor of Jean-Loup Bertaux (1942- ), French planetary scientist and head of the Department of Solar System Studies at the Service d'Aeronomie of the Centre National de Recherche Spatiale. Since 1964 Bertaux has played a crucial role in space-mission exploration of the solar system, acting in collaboration with his American and Russian colleagues. He was the first to map a hydrogen cloud around a comet, and in 1975 he discovered the interstellar wind in the solar system. Bertaux has been involved in several experiments on the Vega mission to comet 1P/Halley and in other missions to study Venus, Mars, the earth and the sun. (M 27459)

Name suggested and citation prepared by M. A. Barucci.

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