1998 OS10. Discovered 1998 July 26 by E. W. Elst at La Silla.

Named in memory of Bernard (1699-1777), Joseph (1704-1779), Antoine-Laurent (1748-1836) and Adrien-Laurent-Henri (1797-1853) de Jussieu, a family of French botanists. Bernard found a method of plant classification based on the anatomical characters of the plant embryo, while Antoine-Laurent laid down the principles for a natural system of plant classification. Adrien-Laurent-Henri wrote a treatise on botany, and Joseph is well known from the voyage to Peru with de la Condamine to measure a meridional arc; Joseph remained in South America for 35 years, returning to Paris in 1771, when he introduced the common "garden heliotrope" into Europe. (M 34629)

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