1993 TL2. Discovered 1993 Oct. 15 by K. Endate and K. Watanabe at Kitami.

Named in honor of Norio Kaifu (1943- ), recently appointed the first director of the 8.2-m Subaru Telescope in Hawaii, following his direction of the construction of that telescope during the past six years. He also played an important role in the construction of the 45-m millimeter-wave radio telescope at the Nobeyama Radio Observatory, in particular, by his development of the acousto-optical radio spectrometer, a powerful instrument for very high resolution able to identify many interstellar molecular lines. Kaifu served as chairman of the Radio Astronomy Division of the National Astronomical Observatory at Mitaka during 1988-1990 and as associate director during 1992-1996. (M 30098)

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