Discovered 1871 July 23 by C. H. F. Peters at Clinton.

Named after one of the twelve daughters of Priam {see planet (884)} and Hecuba {see planet (108)} of Troy. The twin of Helenus {see planet (1872)}, she had fifty brothers. She was the most beautiful of Priam's daughters and was courted by many princes. Apollo {see planet (1862)} loved her and promised to give her what she desired if she would gratify his passion. She asked for the power of prophecy, but as soon as she obtained the gift, refused to fulfill the bargain. Apollo could not withdraw the gift of prophecy he had granted her, but he wet her lips with his tongue, thus effecting a curse that no reliance would ever be placed upon her predictions. She would indeed be able to foretell the future, but no credence would ever be given to her prophecy. Her name has become synonymous with prophets of doom whose warnings are heeded too late. (Z 51)

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