1979 KH. Discovered 1979 May 19 by R. M. West at La Silla.

Named for one of the highest mountains in Georgia, Kazbegi (also known as Mkinvartsveri), in the Caucasian range. At its foot, on the banks of the wild river Tergi, is situated the village of Kazbegi (formerly Stepantsminda), whence the ancient church of Sameba is seen against the backdrop of eternal snows. The high mountains, the clear skies and the turbulent streams of this beautiful region have been a rich source of inspiration to many poets. It is the home of the Mokheve people, whose ways of life were described by the famous Georgian writer Alexandre Kazbegi (1848-1893), who was born in the village of Stepantsminda into the Chopikachvili family, of which the discoverer's wife is also a member. (M 14632)

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