1983 TT1. Discovered 1983 Oct. 12 by E. Bowell at Anderson Mesa.

Named for Ken S. Russell, an astronomer at the U.K. Schmidt Telescope Unit, Siding Spring Observatory. For more than a decade, Russell has been concerned with most aspects of the operation of the 1.2-m U.K. Schmidt, including observation, data analysis and computer programming. He has been involved with the so-called ESO/SERC Southern Sky Survey and was instrumental in securing a very fine series of photographic images of P/Halley during its recent apparition. Russell has discovered five comets - four of them periodic - since 1979, and he worked on the observational phase of the U.K. Schmidt-Caltech Asteroid Survey in 1981. Recently, he began a collaboration with the discoverer on a deep astrometric survey of minor planets, bringing to bear his expertise in image recognition to the problem of semiautomatic identification and measurement of minor-planet images. (M 13177) Name endorsed by S. J. Bus and B. G. Marsden.

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