1981 RA2. Discovered 1981 Sept. 7 by L. G. Karachkina at Nauchnyj.

Named for Nikolaj Evgrafovich Kochin (1901-1944) and his wife Pelageya Yakovlevna Kochina (1899- ), both academicians and professors of mathematics. One of the founders of modern dynamical meteorology, N. E. Kochin made great contributions to various branches of aerodynamics, hydrodynamics and theoretical meteorology. The scientific interests of P. Y. Kochina have been in subterranean hydrodynamics; she is also the author of biographies of Kochin, Kovalevskaya {see planet (1859)}, Weierstrass and Mittag-Leffler. (M 27331; M 30309) Name proposed by A. A. Kapitsa.

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