1996 YU2. Discovered 1996 Dec. 28 by M. Wolf and L. Sarounova at Ondrejov.

Named in honor of Frantisek Kozelsky (1913- ), a Czech telescope maker well-known for his work in collaboration with V. Gajdusek {see planet (3603)}. Kozelsky made a set of unique fine-mechanics tools that allowed GajduRsek to produce a number of telescope mirrors, resulting finally in the production of six excellent 0.6-m mirrors, two of them now used at the OndRrejov and the KleRt observatories in telescopes devoted to observations of minor planets. Kozelsky also made a series of eight 0.2-m refracting telescopes, twenty 0.3-m reflecting telescopes, and several coelostats for small observatories in Czech Republic and Slovakia. (M 32791)

Name proposed by the discoverers, following a suggestion by G. PolaiRsek.

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