1978 VP2. Discovered 1978 Nov. 1 by K. Tomita at Caussols.

Named in honor of Catherine and Antoine Labeyrie. Catherine was the hypersensitization expert at the 0.9-m Schmidt telescope with which this object was discovered; in recent years, she has devoted her energy to the preservation of the ecology of the Provence region. Antoine is an optician as well as an astronomer; he participated in the invention of holographic diffraction and is the inventor of speckle interferometry. The speckle technique, which has given birth to optical multi-telescope interferometry, has been used to obtain images of several minor planets. Antoine currently holds the chair of observational astrophysics at the College de France and is currently director of the Observatoire de Haute Provence. (M 34628) Citation prepared by A. Morely.

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