Discovered 1894 Nov. 4 by M. F. Wolf at Heidelberg.

There are two characters in Greek mythology with this name: (1) Lampetia was a daughter of Apollo {see planet (1862)} and Neaera and the sister of Phaetusa {see planet (296)} with whom she guarded her father's sacred cattle on the island of Thrinacia, where Odysseus {see planet (1143)} and his men arrived. Although warned by Odysseus to keep their hands off the sacred cattle of Apollo, the men carried away and killed some of the sacred beasts. Lampetia informed her father of the sacrilege. Apollo requested that Zeus {see planet (5731)} punish the offenders. As the men sailed away from Thrinacia, a terrible storm rose and all of the Greeks perished - except Odysseus, who held on to a piece of broken mast and saved himself from the shipwreck. (2) Lampetia is the name of one of the Heliades, who, with her sisters was changed into a poplar tree at the death of her brother Phaethon {see planet (3200)}. (Z 146) Named by A. Berberich (AN 156, 127 (1901)).

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