1987 QG2. Discovered 1987 Aug. 21 by E. W. Elst at La Silla.

Named in memory of the famous organist and composer Vincent Lubeck (1654-1740), born in Paddingb├╝ttel, near Dorum (Bremen area). In 1675 he became organist at St. Casmae et Damiani in Stade, retaining this post for more than 27 years. There he had one of the most beautiful north German organs made by Arp Schnitger at his disposal. In 1702 he went to Hamburg and became organist at St. Nicolai, which housed Schnitger's largest organ (four manuals, pedal and 66 voices). In 1721 the composer and organist Johann Mattheson wrote: "This unusual organ has an unusual organist. I need only say the name Vincent Lu├╝beck and the whole panegyric is complete." (M 20164)

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