Discovered 1861 Apr. 9 by H. P. Tuttle at Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Named for one of the Pleiades, daughters of Atlas and Pleione. Maja was the mother of Mercury by Jupiter. (H 10)

Named by J. Quincy, former president of Harvard University, friend of the Observatory and member of its Visiting Committee.

Further three minor planets are named for one of the Pleiades: Elektra, Asterope, and Merope {see planets (130), (233), and (1051), respectively}. G. P. Bond, director of the Harvard College Observatory, in AN 55, 299 (1861) pointed out: "It may perhaps be objected that the same name has been applied to one of the Plejades, but there can scarcely be any risk of confusions from the double application."

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