4379 T-3. Discovered 1977 Oct. 16 by C. J. van Houten and I. van Houten-Groeneveld at Palomar.

Named in memory of Lise Meitner (1878-1968), Austrian nuclear physicist. Meitner was only the second woman to receive a doctorate from the University of Vienna, where she had been much inspired by Boltzmann. In 1912 she joined the KaiserWilhelm-Institut in Berlin. Her collaboration with the director, Otto Hahn {see planet (19126)}, resulted in the discovery of protactinium, thereby demonstrating the existence of uranium-235. In 1938 Meitner moved to Stockholm, where, with her nephew, Otto Frisch, she explained the presence of barium in the neutron-bombardment experiments of Hahn and Strassmann {see planet (19136)} as due to fission, a term they coined. (M 27464)

Named by the Small Bodies Names Committee.

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