1997 BG8. Discovered 1997 Jan. 31 by V. Goretti at Pianoro.

Named in memory of Manlio Miretti (1928-1996), who, blessed with a powerful and warm baritone voice, devoted his whole life to the opera, even though he achieved a very high position in a bank. After studying with Gino Bechi's maestro, Raul Frazzi, and Valiano Natali, he performed the entire baritone repertoire. He loved Giuseppe Verdi's {see planet (3975)} music and characters best, especially "Rigoletto". He also successfully sang Toschi's classical songs, the Neapolitan ones and the "musica proibita". He sang in the theaters of Losanna and Bologna and at La Scala of Milan, and he also had a very busy concert career. (M 33795)

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