1995 SN3 . Discovered 1995 Sept. 29 at the Klet Observatory at Klet.

Named for Vladimir Neff and Ondrej Neff. Vladimir Neff (1909-1983) was an outstanding Czech writer, well-known for his five-part chronicle, spanning the mid-nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century, of the Prague entrepreneur family, the Borns and the Nedobyls. His last work was a great ironic novel The Vesture of Mr. de Balzac. Ondrej Neff (1945- ) is a Czech writer of science fiction, a journalist and son of Vladimir Neff. In 1996 he founded the first Czech independent Internet daily newspaper called Neviditelny pes, or "The invisible Dog". He continues this work today. (M 34350)

Name propsoed by discoverers J. Ticha, M. Tichy and Z. Moravec.

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