4277 T-1. Discovered 1971 Mar. 26 by C. J. van Houten and I. van Houten-Groeneveld at Palomar.

Named for Johann Balthasar Neumann (1687-1753), one of the famous German baroque architects. He worked for the princes of Schüonborn, who were the bishops of Wurzburg, Bamberg {see planet (324)}, Mainz, Speyer and also of Trier. He developed the Wuürzburg Castle, in which he combined elements of Italian and French style with south-German late baroque. He also designed the Bruchsal { see planet (455)} Castle, destroyed during World War II but later reconstructed in its original glory. He also built churches in Vierzehnheiligen, Neresheim and Güossweinstein. (M 26765)

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