1990 DM1. Discovered 1990 Feb. 20 by A. Mrkos at Klet.

Named in memory of Charles Dillon Perrine (18671951), American astronomer working at Lick Observatory from 1893, an enthusiastic observer, who discovered the satellites Jupiter VI (Himalia) and VII (Elara) and nine comets during 1895-1902. He was appointed director of the Coardoba Observatory in Argentina in 1909 and retired in 1936. The discoverer of this minor planet rediscovered Perrine's periodic comet, lost for six returns, visually at Lomnicky Stit {see planet (3168)} in 1955. After 1968 the comet was again lost. (M 34624; M 34673; M 40877)

Name suggested by J. Tichaa, who searched unsuccessfully for this comet, now known as 18D/Perrine-Mrkos, at Klet in 1995.

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