1988 PP. Discovered 1988 Aug. 9 by E. F. Helin at Palomar.

Named in honor of Petr Pravec (1967- ), an astronomer at the Ondrejov Observatory well known for both astrometric and photometric work on minor planets and comets. He specializes in near-earth objects and has often been the first person to observe objects found in the course of the discoverer's NEAT program following their tentative announcement in the Minor Planet Center "NEO Confirmation Page". In his Ph.D. dissertation Pravec pointed out that the lightcurve of 1994 AW1, an NEO found by the discoverer, strongly suggests that the object is binary. (M 30095)

This minor planet is being named on the occasion of the marriage of Petr Pravec and Katerina Machacova, 1997 June 21 {see also planet (7492)}.

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