1992 FO3. Discovered 1992 Mar. 30 by F. Borngen at Tautenburg.

Named for the German reform pedagogue Adolf Reichwein (1898-1944), who ran the Adult Education Courses in Jena during 1925-1929 and became professor of history and civics in Halle in 1930. An early opponent of facism, he was dismissed from Halle in 1933 and worked as teacher in an outlying village school. Reichwein took part in founding the illegal "Kreisauer Kreis" {see planet (7945)}, was among its closest advisors and designated to be the minister of education in a new liberated German State. He was arrested early in July 1944, condemned to death by the Volksgerichtshof three months later and executed the same day. (M 34628)

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