1996 CV7. Discovered 1996 Feb. 14 by M. Tombelli and U. Munari at Cima Ekar.

Named in memory of Guglielmo Righini (1908- ), Italian solar physicist. In 1934 he went to Utrecht to work with Minnaert. In 1953 he became full professor of astronomy at the University of Florence and director of the Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory, from which he retired in 1980. As a solar physicist he followed many total solar eclipses. With A. Deutsch he discovered the cold regions in the solar corona. He was one of the most active supporters of the Joint Organization for Solar Observations, and this resulted in a solar observatory built on the heights of Canary Islands. He has been president of the Italian Astronomical Society, a member of the scientific committee of the National Council of Researchers, president and vice-president of solar commissions in the IAU. (M 35492)

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