Rote Kapelle

1990 TE8. Discovered 1990 Oct. 13 by F. Borngen and L. D. Schmadel at Tautenburg.

Named for the members of Rote Kapelle, a left-wing and communist resistance group who fought against the fascist regime, operating mainly in Berlin and Hamburg. Faced with the genocide of the European Jews, the group worked to accelerate both the breakdown of the fascist regime and the end of the war. Members of the group were, among others, Arvid Harnack, Harro Schulze-Boysen and Erika Grafin Brockdorf. In 1942, the group was suppressed by the Geheime Staatspolizei, with the arrest of about 600 people, almost 60 of whom were executed. (M 31611) Name proposed by the first discoverer.

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