San Martin

1976 SR10. Discovered 1976 Sept. 25 at the Carlos U. Cesco Observatory at El Leoncito.

Named in memory of General Josae de San Martin (1778-1850), considered the father of Argentina and liberator of Chile and Peru. After fighting for Spain in Bailen against the Napoleonic army he returned to his native Argentina and created the Granaderos a Caballo regiment, which won the battle of San Lorenzo in 1812. As governor intendent of Cuyo {see planet (1917)}, he created the Andes army, crossed those mountains, and by conquering the Spanish army at the battles of Chacabuco and Maipu (1817-1818) assured Chile's independence. His defeat of the Royal army in Peru in 1820 led to the independence of that nation also. He refused to take part in the subsequent civil war in Argentina and moved to Europe. (M 17026)

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