1995 AC. Discovered 1995 Jan. 4 by D. D. Balam at Victoria.

Named in honor of Colin D. Scarfe (1940- ), professor of astronomy at the University of Victoria since 1965. President of Commission 30 (Radial Velocities) and of Division IX (Optical Techniques) of the IAU since 1994, Scarfe is an authority on spectroscopic and eclipsing binary stars and has made fundamental contributions to the very difficult problem of interpreting the radial-velocity curves of triple systems, as well as the determination of the orbits of systems that are simultaneously spectroscopic and eclipsing binary stars or spectroscopic and visual binary stars. This has led to the determination of stellar masses with unprecedented precision. (M 25980)

Citation prepared by J. B. Tatum at the request of the discoverer.

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