1938 DW1. Discovered 1938 Feb. 24 by A. Bohrmann at Heidelberg.

Named in honor of the Austrian astronomer Guntram Schrutka von Rechtenstamm (1910-1995), who worked as professor of astronomy at Vienna University. In 1936 he became the first astronomer to derive the shape of minor planet (433) Eros, assuming it to be a triaxial ellipsoid. Furthermore, Schrutka is an eminent computer of cometary orbits, and he worked extensively on the difficult cases of P/Tempel 1, P/Tempel-Swift and P/Westphal. His work on positions and heights of lunar formations is also well known. (M 20519; M 20542)

Name proposed and citation prepared by H. Haupt and L. D. Schmadel.

Obituary published in Mitt. Astron. Ges., Nr. 79, p. 9-10 (1996).

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