1977 TZ. Discovered 1977 Oct. 12 by P. Wild at Zimmerwald.

Named in honor of Max Schurer (1910-1997), who from 1947 to 1980 was director of the Astronomical Institute of the University of Berne. The existence of the observatory at Zimmerwald {see planet (1775)} is due to his initiative, endurance and great technical competence. As a pupil of S. Mauderli {see planet (1748)} he did much numerical work on the orbits of minor planets. Then he dealt with stellar dynamics and finally got deeply involved as a pioneer in satellite geodesy. His courses had broad scope and great clarity, and they inspired many young physicists to have a lasting interest in astronomical problems. (M 21129)

Obituary published in Orion, Jahrg. 56, Nr. 287, p. 1-2 (1998).

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