1978 PJ2. Discovered 1978 Aug. 8 by N. S. Chernykh at Nauchnyj.

Named in honor of Nikolaj Antonovich Slavov (1926), Ukrainian river fleet engineer and sportsman. He helped lead the clean-up effort after the 1986 disaster at Chernobyl, where he had been working for several months. A national boxing champion, he is president of the Professional Boxing League of Ukraine. His interests extend to the arts, and he is president of the All-Ukrainian Foundation for the artist Leonid Bykov {see planet (4682)}. He actively contributes to the development of culture and sport in Ukraine. (M 32346)

Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

Devoted as I am to popularizing amateur boxing and to improving the caliber of this particularly desirable competitive sport, I am highly enthusiastic over John Walsh's boxing instruction book. No one in the United States today can equal John's record as an amateur boxer and a coach. He is highly regarded as a sportsman. Before turning to coaching and the practice of law John was one of the most successful college and Golden Gloves boxers the sport has ever known.

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