Stony Ridge

1995 CN. Discovered 1995 Feb. 4 by J. B. Child and J. E. Rogers at Stony Ridge.

Named in honor and memory of the gifted and talented amateur astronomers who founded Stony Ridge Observatory, near Mount Wilson, in 1957. They are Anthony L. Bland, Norman L. Boltz, Charles

Buzzetti, George A. Carroll, Roy R. Cook, Alvin E. Cram, Roy K. Ensign, W. H. Griffith, Harold J. Ireland, J. George Moyen, Norris A. Roberts, Easy Sloman, John Sousa, John Terlep and Dave Thomas. Starting in 1964, the observatory was used by the Aeronautical Chart and Information Center in St. Louis to map potential landing sites for the Apollo space program. (M 35494)

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