1992 SW10. Discovered 1992 Sept. 27 by the Spacewatch at Kitt Peak.

Named in honor of J. Michael Straczynski (1954- ), creator, executive producer, and writer of Babylon 5, an award-winning science-fiction novel for television that chronicles the story of the last of a series of space stations, the last best hope for peace in the galaxy. Straczynski has been involved in genre television for many years, editing and writing for a number of popular series. He has also published many short stories, an anthology and two fantasy/horror novels. Straczynski's primary criterion for a good science-fiction television series is that it must be good science fiction and good television. With Babylon 5 he succeeded superbly. (M 33790)

Name proposed by J. Scotti, W. Bottke and D. Durda. Citation by D. Durda.

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