1993 CC. Discovered 1993 Feb. 12 by T. Kobayashi at Oizumi.

Named for a city in Kanto Plain in the eastern part of Gunma {see planet (3829)} prefecture. Famous for the Tsutsujigaoka Park, where some of the trees are 1000 years old and 10 000 azalea blossoms bloom every year, the city is blessed by its beautiful natural surroundings. There are several lakes, such as Jonuma and Tataranuma, where swans and other birds come regularly. Tatebayashi is also the birthplace of nature writer Katai Tayama and Japan's first female astronaut, Chiaki Mukai {see planet (4750)}. The Tatebayashi Children's Science Exploratorium held a "star" naming competition to commemorate her second space shuttle flight, and this was a winning entry. (M 33787)

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