Discovered 1871 Aug. 6 by J. C. Watson at Ann Arbor.

Named after an early Danish queen. Queen Thyri was the wife of King Gorm the Old of Denmark (?-940) and the mother of the Dane Harald Bluetooth (935-986), who died as a Christian. In 935 King Harald wrote on a runic stone, that he had unified all Denmark and Norway under himself and made the Danes Christians. This unique monument Harald erected to himself and his parents at Jellings, Jutland. These two vast runestones are the largest and most impressing in the world. The smaller of the two is dedicated by Gorm to honor his wife Thyri, restorer of Denmark. (H 15; R. Bremer)

At the time that this planet was discovered, the discoverer had just returned from a visit to Europe, and probably this particular name was chosen as a memento of his stay in Denmark.

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