1986 VG1. Discovered 1986 Nov. 7 by E. W. Elst at St. Michel.

Named for the Latin form of Odysseus {see planet (1143)}, hero of Homer's {see planet (5700)} Iliad and Odyssey. In the Iliad Ulysses is characterised by intelligence, experience (as a builder of machines) and endurance. He caused the chief commander Agamemnon {see planet (911)} to be restored and rallied the disaffected Greeks. The killing of the Trojan Dolon by Ulysses (which means "giver of pain") and Diomedes {see planet (1437)} was a tragic episode. Ulysses invented the strategem of the wooden horse, and it was first mentioned in the Odyssey, his journey of more than nine years after the battle of Troy. The pleasant episode of Ulysses and Nausikaa {see planet (192)} at Scheria has inspired many writers and composers. In James Joyce's {see planet (5418)} famous novel "Ulysses" the man of hostility becomes a man of peace. (M 21134)

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