Discovered 1867 July 7 by C. H. F. Peters at Clinton.

Named for the heroine of the early 19th century novel Undine by the German romantic writer F. H. K. de la Motte Fouque (1777-1843) who wrote many chivalric romances, tales and plays based on Norse mythology. Undine is one of a group of female water spirits. When an Undine married a mortal and born a child she received a soul. If, however, her lover proved to be unfaithful, she would be forced to return to the sea. (LDS)

The discoverer explained the naming in AN 69, 349 (1867): "Der Planet ... hat den Namen Undina erhalten, welcher sich vielleicht nicht in den alten Classikern findet, aber jedenfalls klassisch richtig gebildet, und ausserdem durch die liebliche Dichtung von de la Motte Fouque verherrlicht worden ist." Two romantic operas by A. Lortzing (1801-1851) and by E. T. A. Hoffmann (1776-1822) are based on the tale.

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