1978 SP4. Discovered 1978 Sept. 27 by L. I. Chernykh at Nauchnyj.

Named for the Simferopol State University on the eightieth anniversary of the establishment of this first institution of higher education in the Crimea. Academicians A. P. Pavlov, I. P. Pavlov, V. I. Vernadskij {see planet (2809)} and N. I. Andrusov were founding faculty members. Academicians V. I. Obruchev, A. F. Ioffe {see, respectively, planets (3128) and (5222)}, N. M. Krylov and V. I. Smirnov worked there. Among its 65,000 graduates are academicians I. V. Kurchatov {see planet (2352)} and K. I. Shchelkin. (M 34622)

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