1998 AS8. Discovered 1998 Jan. 12 by M. Tichy and Z. Moravec at Klet.

Named for Czech prince Vaclav (c.908-c.929), Czech kings Vaclav I (1205-1253), Vaclav II (1271-1305) and his son Vaclav III (1289-1306), all from royal dynasty of Premyslids {see planet (7695)}, and Czech king and

Roman emperor Vaclav IV of Luxembourg (1361-1419), the son of Charles IV. Prince Vaclav was killed by his brother, Boleslav I. Later he was worshipped as a saint and from the eleventh century he became patron of the Czech lands and the symbol of Czech statehood. King Vaclav III was also killed, and he was the last male descendant of the Premyslids dynasty. Vaclav is still the most common Slavonic name in the Czech Republic. (M 34628) Name endorsed by J. Tichaa.

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