1952 HJ2. Discovered 1952 Apr. 24 at the McDonald Observatory at Fort Davis.

Named in honor of Curtis T. Vaughan, Jr., a lifelong resident, prominent businessman, and community leader of San Antonio, Texas. His early interests in science led to a physics degree at Harvard, but the need to direct a family enterprise precluded science as a career. Nevertheless, his interests and activities have remained strongly scientific, especially astronomical, as he built an outstanding collection of early astronomical instruments and constructed one of the finest private observatories in the United States, with now a fully computer-controlled 0.40-m reflector. For more than 20 years his uniquely strong encouragement and support, including financial, of astronomy at the University of Texas have played a major role in helping the astronomy program there grow into one of the preeminent such programs in the country. (M 20521) Name proposed by the late Harlan J. Smith.

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