1937 TE. Discovered 1937 Oct. 11 by K. Reinmuth at Heidelberg.

Named in honor of the Heidelberg astronomer Heinrich Vogt (1890-1968). In 1929, Vogt became professor and director of the Jena University Observatory. From 1933 he was director of the Heidelberg Köonigstuhl Observatory. Vogt is especially well known for his fundamental work on the theory of stellar interiors. He detected the Vogt-Russell theorem which uniquely describes the structure of a star by using only the mass and the chemical composition. (G. Klare)

Obituaries published in Astron. Nachr., Vol. 292, p. 45-46 (1970); Jahrb. Heidelb. Akad. Wiss., p. 47-49 (1970).

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