1992 CF3. Discovered 1992 Feb. 2 by E. W. Elst at La Silla.

Named for the North German organist Matthias Weckmann (1619-1674). Appointed organist at St. Jacobi's church in Hamburg in 1655, he had the mighty Arp Schnitger organ at his disposal until his death. A pupil of Heinrich Schutz {see planet (4134)}, he worked under the direction of Praetorius {see planet (4889)} and Scheidemann. In 1668 he founded the important Collegium musicum. Many of his organ and cembalo compositions (toccatas, canzones, suites and sonatas) survive. His Fantasia in D minor is a multisectional piece that is thoroughly contrapunctal in nature, and it reflects the great seriousness of Weckmann's style. (M 31026)

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